Any incidents regarding the services of Patchman will be communicated through our status page. If you subscribe to our status page you will receive email notifications with updates about the status of our services, including information about planned maintenance.

The subscriptions to our status page can now be managed from the Portal. Each Portal user can subscribe to the notifications, and users with the "owner" role can manually add email addresses in the organization management page. Organization owners can also manage subscriptions by unsubscribing users.

Subscribing as a user

You can subscribe to our status page updates by going to your profile (under "My account") and check or uncheck the "Get notifications from the status page" option. The notifications will be sent to the email address set in your profile. Please note that you will receive an email which contains instructions on how to confirm your subscription.

Manual subscriptions

Organization owners can manually add email addresses to receive updates of our status page. This enables users without a Portal account to receive our status page notifications. All subscriptions for an organization can be managed in the status page view, under the Company section of the Portal.

Please note that our subscription system checks for duplicate email addresses. If a user subscribed to the notifications, but his/her email address gets added manually as well, the updates will only be sent to that address once.