When you are managing your servers, server groups and policies through the Patchman web interface, you may be warned that some actions apply immediately, while others apply only for new detections. 

Server group modifications

The following applies when:

  • updating a server group, or

  • modifying the server group to which a server belongs

Note that a server group only specifies default settings and these can be overridden for individual users. These settings will never affect individual settings.

Language override

If set: Effective immediately.

If unset: Requires a user refresh from the server before all language settings are updated, retaining the previous value until this refresh has occurred. This refresh is not automatically scheduled.

Default policy

See below.

Policy modifications

By modifying a policy, some settings will apply immediately and others will only affect new detections. The following list shows which settings are affected:

Notification parent

Effective immediately for all future notifications based on this policy.

End user login

Effective immediately.

Block suspended

Is only applied after the suspension state at the server is updated. This means that existing suspended users will not have their tasks automatically blocked when changing (or conversely, that currently blocked tasks are not automatically unblocked).

Furthermore, if this setting is set to off, currently blocked tasks are never automatically unblocked, even if the user's suspension state is modified.

Automatic actions

Effective only for new detections.

Notifications enabled

Effective immediately to all existing detections. This setting is only inspected at the moment of notification.

Changing the policy of the user does not affect this setting.

Email template

If the template is created, it applies only to new detections.

If the template is modified, it applies immediately to all notifications that were created based on this template.

If the template is deleted, it is deleted for all pending notifications. No notification will be sent anymore for these.

Changing the policy of the user does not affect the email template.